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Tutoring is available for a limited number of courses, not every course or subject has tutoring. Students should consult their advisor for more information or assistance.

Learning Assistant Services (LAS) supports the Counseling Center and the University of Maryland’s mission byfostering the education, critical thinking and intellectual growth of UM students and helping students develop personal and academic strategies, positive attitudes toward learning and the self, and behaviors which empower them to be successful in college and life. LAS provides academic counseling through individualized and group sessions. LAS also provides content area support programs such as Guided Study Session (GSS), Peer Assisted Learning, and the ESOL Conversation program.

The Guided Study Session (available in the Fall) Program offers FREE, regularly scheduled study sessions for traditionally difficult courses. Based on the Supplemental Instruction model (SI), weekly 50-minute sessions are held using a collaborative learning process.

wiseguyA new option available is WiseGuy.com, a new online tutoring platform for students to connect with volunteer peer tutors and mentors at the University of Maryland. As a student it’s a great way to get homework help without leaving your room or learn a new skill, and as a tutor or mentor it’s a great way to build your resume and gain recognition from faculty and even potential employers.

If you’re interested in getting help or becoming a tutor or mentor please sign up at https://wiseguy.com/registration.

It is our mission to support your commitment to academic excellence. Therefore, the University of Maryland is offering this tutorial web site for ALL students on campus.